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NAKAMURA Hiroyuki / 中村 浩之





多くの映画、映像作品、舞台の音楽制作やオーケストラアレンジを 担当する他、音楽監督としても活動。

自身が発足したレーベル [Beyond Boundary Music]は、 ボランティア、リリース、ワークショップの展開、若手音楽家の育成も含有しており、今後の活動が期待される。

映像作家としてもYUKIの最新アルバム[パレードが続くなら ](SONY MUSIC)のジャケットCGIを担当。

3月にブルックリンのレーベルからオリジナルピアノアルバム[Look Up At The Stars]

4月にはjazzの老舗レーベルDaiki Musicaから自身が主催するBeyond Boundary Chamber Orchestraの1stアルバム[SITA]を連続リリース。



NAKAMURA Hiroyuki is a versatile artist, known as a pianist, composer, producer, and electronic musician.

Actively engaging in various genres such as jazz, pop, and classical, Nakamura is a pianist without boundaries, captivating audiences with his glamorous and innovative live performances.

In addition to his live performances, he takes on the roles of music production for numerous films, video projects, and stage productions. Serving as a music director, Nakamura is involved in orchestrating and arranging music for different platforms.

His self-established label, "Beyond Boundary Music," not only focuses on releasing music but also includes mentoring and workshops to nurture young and emerging musicians, raising expectations for future endeavors.

As a video artist, Nakamura showcased his talents by creating the CGI for the cover of YUKI's latest album, "[If the Parade Continues]," released on February 1, 2023. In March, he released an original piano album from a Brooklyn-based label, followed by an original orchestra album from the renowned jazz label Daiki Musica in May.

In May, Nakamura achieved success by organizing "VENUS Festival" in front of Kawasaki Station, where he handled the visuals, music, and direction.

Continuing his artistic journey, Nakamura remains active in artist activities, community engagement, and education, contributing to various spheres.

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